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The one and only true Rhobin comes up with some awesome topics. Have you ever had a secondary character take-over the story? Well, yep! Being a fair-minded sort of gal, I’m maybe too inclined to let everyone have a say.

And then look what happens…

Mariah’s Marriage, e-pub, MuseItUp 2013

Tobias, Earl of Mellon is giving us an advance picture of his younger sister, Daisy:

“She’s a minx, I’m afraid, John. Not that that is very different from the behaviour of many young ladies at her stage in life.” He shuddered. “God help any man who got Daisy out of duty.”

Then we see the young lady herself in the Fox morning room:

London Girl

London Girl

“Miss Mellon…”

“Actually it’s Lady Daisy, being the daughter of an earl, but as I’m certain we’re going to be excellent friends, I insist you call me Daisy.” The girl rushed the words out and Mariah was not surprised when her mama intervened.

“Katerina Grizelda Anne Di Torres are the baptismal names available to my daughter, Miss Fox, but she chooses to be known by a name that she overheard in the pantry.” The countess uttered the words in sharp staccato…


Daisy gives us an opinion:

“I think this must be the man who was supposed to be escorting you yesterday, Miss Fox,” Lady Daisy said. “I recognise him from the earl’s description: too old, too fat, and too stupid.”

HOWEVER, this is Mariah’s Story, so she (well, me of course, but you get the point) fights back:

“I understand the nature of dependency only too well, Lady Daisy,” Mariah said. “I am also terrifyingly well-educated and sadly able to recognise the mendacious nature of your remarks,” she added without heat, before turning and walking away from them.

And yes, Daisy Mellon would not go away. You’ll be able to discover whether she gets her own way early next year when MuseItUp bring out her story. DAISY’S DILEMMA. 

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Book Throwing Prompts

 “Oh, Mariah, let us not quarrel. We will be married within the month. At least your papa’s house contains plenty of books. You may practise throwing them.”


London Girl

London Girl

Listing the things that Prompt me to Throw a Book, is bound to cause offence, I fear. So I’ll start with a modicum of explanation.

I speak standard English. It has a decidedly Scottish intonation, but that’s accent and geography. I grew up in a Scottish industrial village and even in those primary years, I spoke standard English. I have no idea why as I mixed with everyone in the playground, street, store etc.

So, I do not react well to sloppy grammar and it will make me Throw a Book – metaphorically speaking.

Repetition is something else that flexes the muscles of my throwing arm. I am not intellectually challenged by much. I may not know what something means, but I do know how to find out. So, I do not require to be told and re-told that the heroine was never cuddled by her mother or the hero’s first wife went off with his best friend and first fortune over and over; and over again. As a reader, dear editors of popular fiction, I can do subtlety.

Book Throwing Prompt number three is swearing and cursing used to replace vocabulary. There is always a way to say what you need to say although it may take a little while to work out what that is. The more innocent cliché is in here, too. Yes, they make your piece flow and you’ll read through it without the writer’s eye tripping over anything, but equally, it’s unmemorable prose for the reader. I want to find images I haven’t thought of and descriptions I haven’t seen used before.

I could go on… You may, however, prefer to read what prompts other writers to throw books and here are a few. Start with Diane and follow on:

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