Edinburgh Writers’ Club Novelists

A small selection of the novels by EWC members past and present.

A small selection of the novels by EWC members past and present.

Writers arrive at writing from all sorts of different places. Some take creative writing classes and earn feedback and probably a network of supportive friends. Some work away on their own filling the proverbial drawer with unseen mss.

Many of us join a writers’ club, like Edinburgh Writers, and enter their competitions hoping for feedback, or attend their workshop evenings hoping to learn. It can be hit or miss, but when it’s supportive it’s wonderful. Edinburgh Writers’ club and the umbrella organisation, Scottish Association of Writers have been wonderful for me.

The photo at the head of this page shows some of my collection of members’ books.

I joined EWC in the 1980s encouraged and welcomed by the then secretary, Margaret McArthur. I met the long standing committee member, Magaret McNeill and was mentored by Margaret McKinlay. Okay, it’s Scotland, people are called Margaret – a lot. I’ve written about the club at:


What I want to do on this page is treat visitors to a resumé of the club’s novelists. It’s roughly alphabetical.

Adams, Bob Cosy crime thrillers to keep the reader guessing. Too Lovely To Kill is the most recent.

Binnie, Tom Historical novels, The Cry of the Sand’ling and The Painter and the Sea both set in Edinburgh are available here.

The Painter and the Sea Kindle Edition

Blackadder, Kate Romance with strong family story interwoven. The Family at Farrshore was a People’s Friend serial and is published in a large print library edition by Ulverscroft. She blogs at http://katewritesandreads.blogspot.co.uk/

Stella's Christmas Wish: The Perfect Christmas Treat by [Kate Blackadder]

Campbell, Christine Family Matters, Making It Home, Flying Free.

Searching For Summer

Casimally, San The Case Book of Irene Adler, The Memoirs of Irene Adler, Sarah Bernhardt:My Erotic Life.

Coon, Suse Children’s writer and editor of Lothian Life, Richard’s Castle won the Kelpies Prize.

Don, Lari Lari don writes for children and is published by Floris books. Try: First Aid for Fairies  http://www.laridon.co.uk/

Forbes, Helen In the Shadow of the Hill, Thunderpoint books , 2014 Madness Lies

Madness Lies (Detective Sergeant Joe Galbraith Book 2)

Forrester, Margaret Margaret writers for children. Try: The Cat Who Decided

Gray, Millie Millie Gray is a storyteller and author of books of her collected stories.    Try: Eighteen Couper Street

Guz, Sheena Sheena’s debut crime novel, Murder on Mickle Plugga, is available from amazon.

Holms, Joyce Crime novelist. Try: the Fizz and Buchanan series. http://www.joyceholms.com/html%20pages/frntpg.htm

Kirkwood, Gwen Gwen was a country member in the 80s and writes about farming and rural life. Try her Fairlyden series. http://www.gwenkirkwood.co.uk/

Knight, Alanna The late Alanna Knight was EWC’s Honorary President and by far the most published member with seventy books. Her most recent is Murders Most Foul (Inspector Faro series) http://www.ur-web.net/AlannaNew/AlannaNew/Welcome.html

Ley, Jackie The Angels of the Jardin Massey here

Masters VEH the CASTILIANS A story of the siege of St Andrews Castle

The Castilians: A story of the siege of St Andrews Castle by [VEH Masters]

McLachlan, Catherine The late Catherine McLachlan was from the Isle of Lewis.        The Metagama Inheritance

McKinlay, Margaret The late Margaret McKinlay was a crime writer and also a romantic novelist for My Weekly’s pocket novels’ line. Her books can sometimes be found on Amazon. Try: Double Entry

The Mulgray Twins That’s right, in Helen and Morna the reader gets two brains acting as one cozy crime novelist. Try: No. 1 Suspect


Suspicious Activities in Plain View: A DJ Smith and Gorgonzola mission by [The Mulgray Twins]

Reimann, Audrey Audrey Reimann is a saga writer with several titles to her name. Her most recent book published in 2012 is, Madame Liberté

Riddell, Jane Quiet women’s fiction. .

Things We Choose to Hide by [JANE RIDDELL]

Robertson, Patricia Patricia wrote for Mills and Boon Medicals.

Scoins, Michael His Darker Eye. Available on amazon.

Shephard, Anthony Namestone debut novel, published, instant apostle

Skea, Margaret Historical novelist, Margaret’s Turn of the Tide launched in 2012


Smart, Harriet Historical novelist and blogger. Try: Green Grow the Rushes, the Butchered Man. http://www.harrietsmart.com/

Stenhouse, Anne  e-publisher, MuseItUp of Canada Daisy’s Dilemma carries on the story of Lady Daisy Mellon from the earlier Mariah’s Marriage and in September 2016 Lume Books have released, Courting the Countess a second Scottish Regency set in Edinburgh 1819.

Christmas at Maldington

Stormont, Anne Change of Life http://annestormont.wordpress.com Displacement.

Fulfilment (Rachel & Jack: The Skye Series Book 3) by [Anne Stormont]

Thornton, Eileen Eileen’s, Divorcees.Biz is published by SalGad of Worcester and details of her earlier work are at http://www.eileenthornton.co.uk

Wilson, Mairi Ursula’s Secret is Mairi’s debut novel from Black and White Publishing and won the Sunday Mail Fiction competition 2015. Women’s literary fiction.

Wotjas, Olga  Miss Blaine’s Prefect, and the Golden Samovar Debut novel from member and former journalist, Olga  A good fun read according to its lively reviews. Now joined by Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Vampire Menace

Miss Blaine's Prefect and the Vampire Menace by [Olga Wojtas]

Young, Jennifer, Thank You For The Music, No time Like Now: contemporary romance from Tirgearr, e-publishers. 2014

Writing as Jo Allen, Jennifer has created  a gripping crime seried featuring DCI Jude Satterthwaite.

Death at Rainbow Cottage: A DCI Satterthwaite mystery (The DCI Satterthwaite Mysteries) by [Jo Allen]

Preview(opens in a new tab)about:blank


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