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Hullo again and thanks for looking in. I’m Anne Stenhouse and I’m a writer.

As March fulfils our expectations bringing snow, hail, rain and bright sunshine, my latest serial for The People’s Friend drew to its close. City of Discoveries was a joy to research and write and marked 150 years of continuous publication of the magazine. The opening art is an energetic and joyfully colourful illustration by talented Mandy Dixon.

City of Discoveries







When in London last November my friend took a pic of me which I’ve been using a bit as I think it makes me look uncharacteristically glam. Hope you agree.










I’m also a reader as I’m sure many of you are. I cannot truly remember a time when I couldn’t read although there must have been one.

I spent an enjoyable five years writing and submitting novel length work to the New Writers’ Scheme of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. A wonderful way to hone one’s skills and learn what’s what (and what’s not).

One of those novels, MARIAH’S MARRIAGE, is e-published by MuseItUp of Canada. There is a follow on from Mariah’s Marriage, Daisy’s Dilemma, although both books can be read as stand-alone.

Meantime, how about Edinburgh 1826 where Bella Wormsley is forced to consider whether a man in the room of her inn is more scary than the bogey-man he claims to protect her from, out there. BELLA’S BETROTHAL is available from many online shops. Here’s amazon and omnilit 

A one-2-one at an RNA conference led to an offer from Endeavour and another Scottish Regency, Courting the Countess was published.

I also write short fiction, non-fiction and drama. I know a lot about the Scottish writer JM Barrie and am very proud of my association with Theatre Broad of Stirling for whom I wrote the play JMB & M’Connachie.

As a playwright I have a blog across at Write, Watch and Critique Plays. You can find that here: http://www.annestenhouse.co.uk

Short fiction, and shorter fiction, has led to publication with Dundee’s DC Thomson and a self-published book of short stories with my buddies in Capital Writers.

The Castle Rock









I have a serial coming up in People’s Friend beginning in the 18th August issue. It neatly combines my interests in theatre and romance. Just awaiting the cover art as I write and it’s an exciting moment. This link People’s Friend blog will take you to an article about my recent visit to their offices in Dundee.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Anne, I saw your post on the SAW website and just wanted to say hi. I attended my first SAW conference this month after joining Angus Writers’ Circle last year and (apart from the near freezing conditions) thought it was excellent. Your blog is very interesting and I look forward to following you. Elizabeth


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