The Write Romantics – review of Bella’s Betrothal by Jo Julie


Having been away for nearly a month, I’ve only just got through the back-log in my inbox and look what I found waiting.

Bella’s Betrothal by Anne Stenhouse
A recommendation by Write Romantic, Jo

Anne Stenhouse’s second novel, Bella’s Betrothal, is a rollercoaster ride of intrigue, suspense and good old fashioned romance.

The heroine, Isabella Wormsley (known as Bella) is the daughter of an Earl, who is forced to leave the family home to escape the scourge of the gossips and finds herself let down not only by those closest to her, but also in serious danger. Charles Lindsay seems like something of a guardian angel, stepping in and rescuing Bella, not once but twice. Yet Charles presents his own threat to Bella, one that involves her emotions and the risk of yet more scandal. Will Charles propose and save both their reputations and, if he does, will it be what’s really right for Bella?

Anne is a gifted story teller and the novel gradually unpeels layers of intrigue that reveal long held family secrets and develop the central plot of romance, whilst keep the tension levels, presented by the threat to the burgeoning relationship and to Bella herself, alive.

If you enjoy historical romance and want the added excitement of a dash of suspense and a pinch of intrigue thrown in with your love story, then you’ll really enjoy Bella’s Betrothal.

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Launch parties

I’m just back from an awesome (and I was in Ankor Wat, so use this as it should be used) trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Hence the minor delay in posting more pics of the launch party for Bella’s Betrothal.

bella launch 007

My locally famous smoked salmon paté was enjoyed by the guests.

bella launch 001

Lovely husband sourced some wine from Australia’s Margaret River. It’s called Stella Bella. What could be more suitable?

bella launch 006

The quiz had folk talking, but the prof in this pic isn’t the prof who won the prize. That was Gavin McCrone. Congrats again, Gavin.

bella launch 003

A close up of the bottles. There’s a wee store left over. Mmn!

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