In the shops from Thursday 28th October, the tale of Tabby Royce and her man, Cal Morrison, is set in early nineteenth century Edinburgh. Tabby has trained as an apothecary under her papa, but when he dies, her older brother and his wife take possession of his shop and Tabby is forced into domestic service.

Arriving in Edinburgh with her new mistress, she soon finds her skills appreciated by both that lady’s host and his steward. How can she continue in her work as a woman excluded from anatomy lectures? How can she make Cal see life holds more than work?

Travel with Tabby through the violent reactions to early anatomy work …




Little Cook Hallowe’en Decor – October 2021 – Athens

This is another month when I haven’t written a post of my own as I was away from base. The task posed by Rhobin was:

Share a childhood Halloween memory or what was your scariest Halloween?

Below is a list of the group who have risen to the challenge and I’m sure there’ll be some hair-raising stuff therein.

Skye Taylor http://www.skye-writer.com/blogging_by_the_sea

Victoria Chatham http://www.victoriachatham.com

Marci Baun http://www.marcibaun.com/blog/

Connie Vines http://mizging.blogspot.com/

Dr. Bob Rich https://wp.me/p3Xihq-2sc

Rhobin L Courtright http://www.rhobincourtright.com

Last year, Capital Writers produced a small volume of Spooky Stories and it’s available to buy here: DARK STORIES

Anjana C described my own contribution as:

The Cemetery House by Anne Stenhouse is a deliciously gothic ghost story with a criminal bent, in her Five Star review – thank you , Anjana C