Lockdown diary – 2020 – 120 – Busy, busy

So, it was the hairdresser’s appointment yesterday. This photograph is from last year, but the style remains the same. So good to see Ruby Rouge back in operation.

Also, coffee in the graveyard with a friend. We secured a bench for a change and on it there was a dropped hearing aid. Hope it’s now united with its owner. Rain stopped play, but we got through the important stuff. Zoom meeting of the badminton group where one or two fresh hairstyles were in evidence. Did some editing, but not much. DH helped out with hedge cutting at the croquet club and finished his tidying up after the stonemasons. One or two losses including a rather pretty yellow clematis. Inevitable in the circs.

Today might see the re-opening of the refurbished butcher’s round the corner. We’ve missed you.



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