Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 121 – Editing end in sight

This may not be how the DH approached his first outing with his cycling group for some time, but it represents the end of editing as I see it – usually. There’s always, always a glaring typo, grammatical error or whatever that gets you by the throat seconds after you click send.

Can’t be helped.

As you read above, good progress with the editing and it went off this morning. One waits to hear. DH set off early for Kinross where he, too, had a good day and came home with snippets of gossip about other lives out there.

Neighbours had some trees removed which has altered the flight path to our bird feeders. There are birds feeding, but they need to go further away with their spoils. Friend returned from France. DH’s white peaches are enormous and delicious this year – wonder if the warm spring helped?

Writing hiatus (It’s been an hour! Ed). Can I write a short story for the SAW summer comp in four days?

How are your horizons?



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