Lockdown diary – 2020 – 120 – Busy, busy

So, it was the hairdresser’s appointment yesterday. This photograph is from last year, but the style remains the same. So good to see Ruby Rouge back in operation.

Also, coffee in the graveyard with a friend. We secured a bench for a change and on it there was a dropped hearing aid. Hope it’s now united with its owner. Rain stopped play, but we got through the important stuff. Zoom meeting of the badminton group where one or two fresh hairstyles were in evidence. Did some editing, but not much. DH helped out with hedge cutting at the croquet club and finished his tidying up after the stonemasons. One or two losses including a rather pretty yellow clematis. Inevitable in the circs.

Today might see the re-opening of the refurbished butcher’s round the corner. We’ve missed you.



Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 87 – Zooming

Given that I’m no sailor, this photo has been making a disproportionate number of appearances in the Diary. It’s relevant this morning because DH and I were at another virtual cockpit last night: and what an experience that was.

Among DH’s sailing pals there are some who take it SERIOUSLY and last night two of them showed us a small selection of slides from their round the world trip. Taking fifteen months and going to places that can only be reached by boat, it looked like a life-changing and life-enhancing experience.

Isn’t it great the way people have made so much effort to socialise virtually and to entertain each other?

Good soup from the freezer’s supply of stock + carrots and a tin of coconut milk. WIP now at the  ‘How can I leave these characters?’ point. Jigsaw now at the  ‘Why have I got 21 pieces all the same colour?’ point. Birthday arrangements in hand and leaving you to write card etc.

Capital Writer, Kate Blackadder, has published her most recent serial from the People’s Friend, Jinty’s Farm. An everyday story of farming and gin-making on amazon for kindle. You can pre-order here


Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 46 – Hindsight will be wonderful

There are so many things in life that we do not understand. Some, like these spheres photographed in Costa Rica are highly visible. Some, like the actual virus now devastating the world, are non-visible – to the naked eye.

Political leaders must be agonising over whether ‘the time is right’ and whether ‘the time will ever be right’ to ease lockdown measures. I don’t know the answer and have only emotional input to offer in any discussion. Let’s hope and pray that the hindsight doesn’t have to be too critical of the decisions that were taken and why.

On an emotional note, we had a great Zoom quiz with all the offspring last night. Precious moments. I hope there are many in your lives, too.

World travel took us to Harris, Paris and India. All without jetlag or the need to queue. Highly recommended. Progress on both the jigsaw and the WIP. Received in the post a photobook of a trip to Orkney DH and I made last year. Fabulous! Postie reports business is comparable to Christmas.