Wednesdays are People’s Friend days

Regular readers know that I’ve spent a lot of the last year working on a major historical serial for The People’s Friend. It makes its appearance in the edition dated 21st August which wil be in the shops on Wednesday of next week. For those of you who are subscribers, it’ll be in your hands on Saturday of this week.

Nineteenth century medicine was practised by the cocks

Yesterday was ‘results’ day in Scotland. I received my share of brown envelopes, as they then were, and of course of euphoria and disappointment. But – I was able to sit those exams and own my results. Circumstances which did not always prevail in Great Britain and which do not prevail in many parts of the world today.

My research journey with Sophia Jex-Blake, her medical colleagues and the Edinburgh Stevenson sisters (Flora Stevenson School) was fascinating, eye-opening and heart-breaking.

There is a romance (thank goodness, Ed) and the serial is fictional.

Article by me about the Edinburgh Seven, published July 2019, The People’s Friend

If women’s struggle to become ‘real doctors’ interests you, then now’s the moment to reserve your copies.



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