Diary of a Writer – August Prompt

Clachtoll Rangers’ Hut – Now repaired

Back on Saturday from a week in Assynt. All much as usual but the Rangers’ hut door has been repaired. The hut itself, sadly, still closed. It’s a small space and ‘keeping people safe’ would be challenging.

So why a prompt? Well, maybe it’s time to begin thinking about the impacts of Covid-19 and to bring them into one’s writing. The door is an example – it could be repaired, joiner working on their own, but once repaired, it shuts off an informed and welcoming space.

Assynt itself is full of inspiration. Wonderful scenery, beaches (some still deserted despite the ubiquitous NC 500), excellent local food, a stag in velvet wandering the car park, a stoat on the shoreline, an otter in and out of the waves, young businesses setting up and striving and a range of local people who, like people eveywhere, comprise the welcoming and the not so welcoming. Constructive tension in abundance.

AND, AND we encountered NO MIDGES.


Look out for the People’s Friend dated 21st August as it contains the first instalment of my new Victorian era serial. In the shops on Wednesday 18th.

Has your own staycation been a source of inspration?



2 thoughts on “Diary of a Writer – August Prompt

    • It is indeed. we took our hols in Assynt for years – until someone told the children there were parts of the world where you didn’t need to wear an anorak on the beach. However, they all go back of their own volition now. Anne


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