Lockdown diary – 2020 – 48 – Another Day gone by

After the Night Before

A lively Skype call with some of the younger members of the family yesterday afternoon cheered this household up no end. Mutual interest in trains – wooden, plastic, clockwork – can still be a connection even when the ‘track’ is less than a foot long.

Enjoyed someone’s phone photo, on social media yesterday, of the fox going down the steps into Waverley Station. Deer have been sighted in the local cricket ground. The Skype call featured both a giraffe and a hippo…

Hats off to the unsung domestic heroes looking after the young, the very old, the very ill, the vulnerable and the confused. Thinking of you all.

Jigsaw looking good. A Civil Contract absorbing, entertaining, exasperating in equal measures. Joined the DH to watch Scotland’s rugby victory over the French in a past season.

Today being Sunday, Mayfied Salisbury Parish Church has posted its online worship. Here

Two major issues are highlighted in the intimations following the service. Firstly, this is Christian Aid Week. A week when many from the church community would have been working very hard to raise funds for the worldwide organisation. Many in Edinburgh would have been working at or buying from the Book Sale in St Andrew’s and St George’s.

Book Sale books

Christian Aid are seeking our donations online, here

Secondly, the intimations feature a wishlist for the homeless folk being put up in The Old Waverley Hotel. It’s from the Bethany Care Shelter. You can read about this initiative and find a donate button here



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