Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 47 – New Skills

Hair clippers (human)

As time goes by the folk around us become decidedly hairier. The image gazing back from the mirror is too. However, the DH has never been one for putting up with an irritation that could be dealt with, so we are now the owners of hair clippers. Before and after photos are not available, although one of the neckline was sent to the family. The customer asserts “It’s fine.”

I won’t be applying to Edinburgh College any time soon, but the whole exercise went better than I expected. I had viewed a few google clips and the DH had advice based on what a hairdresser did next.

Have you discovered any unsuspected (unwanted) talents?

Otherwise, it was a shopping day and the fish for tea was fresh and tasty. DH played bridge. I did lots, and lots, of jigsaw. We travelled to the South Glenshiel Ridge and Rothesay.



2 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 47 – New Skills

  1. Well done on the hair cutting, Anne. I. too, clipped my husband’s hair and it looks fine to me – he’s not scared to be seen in public at least 🙂

    Another new ‘talent’ I have is setting up Zoom meetings and quizzes for the family.

    I certainly wouldn’t have believed you if you’d told me in January I’d be doing either of these things before the year was out.


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