Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 43 – Cherry blossom underfoot

I tried a new route for my exercise walk last night and was rewarded by a carpet of cherry blossom. It’s lying in drifts around the area. However, the lilacs are opening and for a week or so there will be many lovely trees in the varying shades of – lilac – to delight us.

The photograph above was taken in Chile but I don’t know what the flower is. Foreign travel is beginning to seem like a mythical tale. Actually, it’s six weeks or so since I was in even a local bus. DH’s project to restore his slide collection is providing some trips – down memory lane. We’ve done a lot of the Highlands and a lot of non-touristed Greece of the early 70s where the countryside looked hot, even then.

The jigsaw, initially promising becasue of tiles and animals whose tails point in particular directions, is quite challenging. It was cool enough for soup at lunch. Sent off the great-nephew’s birthday card and book token which I’d laid in, in advance. Normal life is just there, under the surface…

Zoom-ed with the badminton ladies.



4 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 43 – Cherry blossom underfoot

    • Hi Ann, It’s not very likely at least in the short term, is it? Waves of the virus will probably drop and swell for some time to come. oh well, getting thorugh this stage is the first big challenge. Anne


  1. Never mind foreign travel. I drove on a different road yesterday that I haven’t been on for a couple of months. It felt like I was in my holidays 😀


    • Hi Joanne,Well, maybe it’ll be a good thing for our satisfaction threshholds to come down. I know, as a life-long bus traveller, I’m looking forward to going somewhere, anywhere, really… Anne


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