Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 42 – Groove or trough?

Six weeks in and there’s little or no sign of life returning to the old normal. Are you in the groove or are you finding it more of a trough?

For those of us in a retirement bubble, it’s probably more of a groove. We started a new jigsaw yesterday. The DH is engaged on a major project involving his collected years and years of slides: that allowed for a slide show last night. Were we ever that slim?

Where we might be thinking of life as a trough is in missing family. There are lovely conversations, but it’s never going to replace a big hug, is it?

And there are two of us. I continue to fret over those folk home alone.

In addition to the jigsaw, there was some ironing, the lovely online service from the team at Mayfield Salisbury, Chicken and Plum in hoisin sauce from Hello Fresh and celery soup from the freezer. Began to read another GH at bedtime: A Civil Contract, having finished The Reluctant Widow. Lost at Scrabble. DH has read 5 PGWodehouse. I’m at 6 GH but A Civil Contract is one of the longer ones.

WIP – Um!

My writing friend, Allis Gordon keeps up a blog Here



4 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 42 – Groove or trough?

  1. I must admit, it’s a bit of a trough at the moment. Missing family especially the grandchildren – and friends – missing variety. But I know this will pass and I know I’ve a lot to be grateful for. Keep the posts coming, Anne – I do enjoy reading them.


    • Hi Anne, sorry to hear that but I know your resilience will carry you through. I’m really pleased to hear you’re enjoying the posts. i wonder if they spur me on to do something each day – otherwise there’d be nothing to report? Six weeks seems an unbelievable effort on the part of the whole community. we are doing well. anne


  2. I think us retirees living with someone have it so much easier than people of any age on their own or those with young families.
    I feel for all the youngsters whose lives have been put on hold because of the interruption to their education and who will have to reassess their futures because it’s going to be a long time before society is fully functioning again and then it will be a different world.


    • Hi Ann, Yes, a vastly different world. Difficult to know how the education people will work it out. We have teens living neraby and daytime does seem to keep them inside – I assume they’re able to access some online stuff. Young relatives are fully occupied with trying to work from home and look after toddlers/early primary. It’s all so unimaginable and yet, here we are. anne


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