Lockdown – 2020 – 10 – Double figures

Two years ago in April, I was on holiday in Crete. It was a lovely experience and, as it was underpinned by a trip from RBGE, here’s a photograph of some of the flowers we saw there. The standard of customer service in Crete was high and people were pleasant and helpful. Cretian breakfasts were one of my life’s discoveries. I do hope to go back.

The Royal Botanic Garden is one of the organisations whose anniversary celebrations are being dismantled by COVID-19.

All that planning…

In the writing world a team of people in the RNA have also been planning 60th Anniversary celebrations, and they, too, are being progressively abandoned. Having been the RNA’s Party organiser, I am only too aware of the amount of work this would represent and of the consequent disappointment that some/most/all of it won’t go ahead. Or won’t go ahead at the moment.

And yesterday brought the, not by now unexpected, news that the Festivals won’t go ahead in 2020. Each of us has our favourite, but all of us will be the poorer.

i gather from some private messages that scrabble is popular elsewhere. The DH played online bridge again last night and won with his partner. Yay!

I wrote a good scene in the WIP.

We had sausages for tea.

I walked late yesterday, around 7pm. Some folk out, but not a lot.

Friend and fellow Capital Writer, Kate Blackadder is an avid reader and blogs about her monthly list here. You might find something to suit and, if not, Kate’s opinions are always worth reading.

How are you feeling now we’re into double figures?



4 thoughts on “Lockdown – 2020 – 10 – Double figures

    • Hi Ann, No, I didn’t, but it’s not hard to understand. It will be fascinating in due course to learn how people are really coping. One or two of our neighbour’s gardens, for example, are looking unbelievably tidy. Anne


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