Diary of a Writer – Coping Mechanisms 4

Visits to the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh have become an important part of the ‘coping mechanisms’ mentality here in the Writer’s Study. Nature carries on carrying on and yesterday there were many lovely rhodies to be seen.

There’s currenty not a lot of writing taking place! Maybe the brain has had enough of keeping up and keeping cheering up. Instead, I’ve begun the process of finding surfaces. One bag of paper ready for the re-cycling (includes some MSS!) and several piles of books ready for the next opportunity to send to a sale or take to a shop.

Looking forward to the online conference of the Scottish Association of Writers this w/e. Stellar line-up of speakers and adjudicators so maybe that stimulus will kick-start something.

I find it very hard to describe people. I love showing their characters and actions but describing them remains a real problem. Yesterday I set myself the task of describing the heroine of a Scottish Regency I’m toying with. Achieved three sentences. What do we know so far? She’s short and blonde.


Mother’s Day last Sunday was a lovely boost with flowers and a delivered Afternoon Tea. It was so nice to talk to my children and really looking forward to seeing them in person. I feel for those of you who are separated by oceans.

Curious Find – From the tidying – up is that elastic bands dry out and crack.

How is it going in your study/kitchen/workroom?


ps Takeaway par Excellence from Hickory at Home is a big help. St Patrick’s Day coming up and we’re trying the Vegetarian option.


Diary of a Writer -November?

With the help of the knitters of Mayfield Salisbury Parish church, the above box of blanket squares is now on its way to The Sunday Sock. It was on that blog that I discovered the OCS (Operation Christmas Sock) blanket square pattern. The national charity, Crisis, accepts socks for distribution to clients. Because of their different arrangements this year, blankets are also being distributed. Because a blanket is large, the Sunday Sock Blogger was looking for others to knit a few squares. The knitters of Mayfield Salisbury did not disappoint. Thank you all.

Knitting has always been one of my passions.The passion flower was photographed on a recent meander around Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden. What an asset the Garden is.

I should say writing, or story-telling, has also and is one of my passions, but what with one thing and another…

Still working on that serial. Still cudgeling the brains for a prompt or theme or even the glimour of an idea for the next pocket novel. Or even a short story.


One I wrote earlier is The Cemetery House and its in Dark Stories by Capital Writers.

Lockdown – 2020 – 10 – Double figures

Two years ago in April, I was on holiday in Crete. It was a lovely experience and, as it was underpinned by a trip from RBGE, here’s a photograph of some of the flowers we saw there. The standard of customer service in Crete was high and people were pleasant and helpful. Cretian breakfasts were one of my life’s discoveries. I do hope to go back.

The Royal Botanic Garden is one of the organisations whose anniversary celebrations are being dismantled by COVID-19.

All that planning…

In the writing world a team of people in the RNA have also been planning 60th Anniversary celebrations, and they, too, are being progressively abandoned. Having been the RNA’s Party organiser, I am only too aware of the amount of work this would represent and of the consequent disappointment that some/most/all of it won’t go ahead. Or won’t go ahead at the moment.

And yesterday brought the, not by now unexpected, news that the Festivals won’t go ahead in 2020. Each of us has our favourite, but all of us will be the poorer.

i gather from some private messages that scrabble is popular elsewhere. The DH played online bridge again last night and won with his partner. Yay!

I wrote a good scene in the WIP.

We had sausages for tea.

I walked late yesterday, around 7pm. Some folk out, but not a lot.

Friend and fellow Capital Writer, Kate Blackadder is an avid reader and blogs about her monthly list here. You might find something to suit and, if not, Kate’s opinions are always worth reading.

How are you feeling now we’re into double figures?