Diary of a Writer – August Writing Prompt

Food growing in the table for the table

I recently took a tour of Edinburgh’s High Street secret gardens. It was led by Jean Bareham of Green Yonder Tours and was full of little gems like the table above. Several of the gardens are community gardens and this was one such. The pots down the centre are growing herbs for the kitchens of those involved.

So, historical writers, writers of The Little Table of Culinary Delights, non-fiction garden writers…What does it prompt for you?



6 thoughts on “Diary of a Writer – August Writing Prompt

  1. I don’t fit into the any of the above writer categories, but I’d perhaps write a contemporary story about the people who meet round the table each day perhaps with the table gardener as the narrator.


  2. I don’t write any of the genre mentioned, Anne but I could attempt a piece where herbs take centre stage – or should that be the table centre-piece? I’m thinking medicinal properties, organic cafe, creative architecture bringing nature inside… I can almost smell all those lovely fresh herbs already…


    • Hi Rae, Good ideas there. I gave up on genres because there are so many. I remember my late mum-in-law mentioning how much parsley she ate when pregnant. I ate lots of Brussel sprouts, but I think that, like the parsley, was to get extra iron. So, even from before birth, herbs are there for us. Anne


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