Winter wonder – Christine Campbell continues

Novelist Christine Campbell has taken up the creative baton and continues Lady Mary’s story, below:

Lennox raised his hand to his head and groaned.
Mary ran to him and knelt where he lay. “Oh, my love. My love.” She took his hand in hers. “Who did this terrible thing to you?”
“Duff?”  Lennox tried to sit up.
“He’s here.” Mary indicated where the dog lay panting beside Alfie. “He’s hurt too, but he is here. I ask again, who did this dreadful deed?” Her hand hovered above his face, longing to stroke that dear cheek where blood flowed from the ugly gash, but afraid she might cause further pain.
Lady Grizel stepped forward. “I ask you again, Mary, will you please go to your room. I shall deal with this.”
Mary straightened her back, though she still knelt beside Lennox. “No, Ma’am, I will not.”
“Please, Mary.” Lennox clasped her hands and held them to him. “Please do as my mother says. It is better you hear no part of this.” He raised himself on one elbow, preparing to get up from the floor.
“But, why? Why do you protect me like this? Something dreadful is happening and I need to know what it is.”
“But you are ill, my love.”
“No! No, I am well. You tell me I have been ill, but see …” She held out her hand, willing it to be steady, not to allow the dreadful shaking that she felt in her body to show in her outstretched hand. “See, I am stronger now. I am well.”
Great infusion of family tension there, from Christine Campbell. Thank you, Christine.
The latest release in Christine’s growing list of reluctant detective titles, is
She also blogs and you can find her entertaining words at Writewhereyouare

2 thoughts on “Winter wonder – Christine Campbell continues

  1. Well done, Christine. Loved this instalment. What a good story this is 🙂 Great idea, Anne. Have visited Christine’s blog. It’s impressive and am now following it. Also downloaded her novels as they look like my kind of thing.


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