Rejection Blues – All part of the Writer’s Journey

Rejection was sitting at the top of my inbox this morning.

Rejections that say, ‘a well written piece with clearly defined characters’, leave you floundering.

The last rejection said ‘You have a fluid, natural and compelling writing style and we were intrigued,’

The rejection at the RNA 1-2-1 was cloaked in such positive language, I believed it meant success.

Success is a spider ready to disappear into the plug-hole.

Foolish Writer. Words clearly don’t mean what the dictionary definition tells you.

On to the next… Mariah’s Marriage amazon US

“Oh, Mariah, let us not quarrel. We will be married within the month. At least your papa’s house contains plenty of books. You may practise throwing them.” anne stenhouse Mariah’s Marriage UK Bella’s Betrothal US

 …a solitary figure ahead among some gorse and shrubs. Charles thought she made a beautiful picture in her riding habit with the exquisite hat Jenny Menzies wished to inherit. He thought the girl might get it sooner rather than later if he followed his instincts. At that precise moment, he wanted to shake Bella hard. Then he would lock her in the castle in Strath Menzies and hold her forever. anne stenhouse Bella’s Betrothal UK



4 thoughts on “Rejection Blues – All part of the Writer’s Journey

  1. Sorry to hear that Anne. It does hurt to receive a rejection. I remember receiving one after the other for Angel Heart, some with just a standard letter, others a handwritten note which was better because there was a little feedback…but it was still a rejection. At one point, as someone ‘kindly’ remarked, we could have re-wallpapered the house with them all. Thank goodness I didn’t listen to them and give up!
    You already have achieved so much – two great novels published – how many people can say that? Things will look brighter tomorrow,


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