Write Romantics Review of Mariah’s Marriage

It’s always lovely to learn that readers like what you write. One of, if not the first, reviews of Mariah’s Marriage was written by Lynne Pardoe of Write Romantics.

Lynne said:

I enjoyed this book and got totally lost in the romantic world of England long gone that it creates. It sets the period beautifully with dialogue from different regions and old-fashioned words, which makes this novel totally charming.
It’s a story about a young and handsome Earl who wants a wife, but not just any old wife, and Mariah, who he hopes to marry but knows he can’t rely on his title to gain her. Much of the story is about the Earl’s work in wooing her, not in a coquettish, amorous way, but in a way suited to a woman with a moral conscience.
It is set in an interesting period in the development in education, as Mariah runs a small school for poor children and her father speaks on the subject. To me it brought to life the dilemmas and rewards for the early pioneers in education and just what a struggle it was to be taken seriously. Thank goodness they did or I probably wouldn’t have been reading this book today.
I won’t go into the ending, but it’s a fast paced move through the worse side of human nature, with the couple having to defend their plans and stop the evil tricks of some of the characters succeeding. Mariah’s Marriage is thoroughly recommended, especially if you want a well researched trip into olden times and a snuggle up on the sofa.

Mariah’s Marriage by Anne Stenhouse is a recommended read from Write Romantics Lynne Pardoe. The write romantics excellent blog is here:

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Mariah’s First Review

I sent off several pdfs of Mariah’s Marriage for possible review and am sooooo happy to say that the first bite is such a goody, I really want to share it.

It’s here: http://thewriteromantics.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/mariahs-marriage-by-anne-stenhouse.pdf

Write Romantics are a group of New Writers’ Scheme writers belonging to the RNA and Mariah’s review was wrtten by Lynn Pardoe. Their blog is a fairly new venture and I wish them all success with it. Thank you ladies for recommending Mariah’s Marriage.