Publication Day Bella’s Betrothal The Dress

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Queen Victoria and her daughters are credited with the adoption of white for wedding dresses. Bella Wormsley marries before Victoria, but I did allow her a lovely white gown. It was, in the story, created as the central triumph of her winter wardrobe and decorated with Scottish freshwater pearls. I’ve been to several weddings in recent years and the girls have all looked lovely.
My mum wore a beautiful pink suit. I wore champagne coloured silk organza. Several friends have opted for colour rather than white.
When I was visiting the south of England, I came across a museum to the actress, Ellen Terry, Smallhythe Place. They had this dress displayed there:

Copy Lady Macbeth costume

Copy Lady Macbeth costume

It was made by a student and she used false finger-nails to create the effect of the falling ovals. The picture at the head of the post is of the original costume. It used beetles’ wings.

What did you wear to marry in? A bikini? A suit? A uniform?

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