Wedding Belles June 1st Mayfield Salisbury Church and Maytime Blog tour


WEDDING BELLES is the name of an event being run by a local Christian Aid committee. Over the years, I’ve been involved in many activities to raise money for the charity – Christian Aid. Some of them, knocking on doors in the street collection, are less pleasurable than others, selling second hand books, perhaps.

With a long time brand, there’s always the danger of donor fatigue, so local organisers must be ever vigilant in their efforts to part the general public from their cash. I think WEDDING BELLES is set to be a winner.

The ladies of our local church have been asked to donate their wedding dresses for the day. They will be modelled down the aisle of Mayfield Salisbury Church. Worn, if possible, by the owner, but modelled by someone else if not. The event starts at 2.30 and tickets are available locally – and probably on the day at the door.

At a summer event

At a summer event

Those of us in the ‘wedding party’ or audience are asked to come in the finery we wore to a recent real-life wedding and fizz will be served. All for a modest £10 donation.

Flyers advertising Mariah’s Marriage will be available, too. The romance need not stop as you leave the building. Curl up with Mariah and Tobias’s story to round off a perfect afternoon.

Christian Aid works throughout the world trying to ensure people everywhere get to live before they die. Much of the focus of their activities is in providing the means to farm or grow vegetables for home consumption and sale.

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