A – Z Challenge V is for Vince’s Visibility

Visibility is not a name. I know. Trying to find a name starting with has brought up lots of lovely people.

People like Vesna, Veronica, Veena, Veta are known to me.

You’re maybe getting my drift. Lovely folk, but none of them universal or in one of my novels; and none of them villains.

Villains have appeared on a lot of blogs and are of great interest to the writer. I love writing my villains, if only I’d thought to call one of them Vince, and I think that stems from the degree of complication I can craft into them.

Villainy is not always visible and in fact succeeds the better if it’s hidden. Bella’s Betrothal has a villain called Graham Direlton. To start with he’s the universal bogeyman, but that changes…

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