Lockdown – 2020 – 6 – Teacakes etc

China plate Teacake design

I should have mentioned yesterday that Tunnock’s have suspended production of their teacakes meantime. This wasn’t in order to let me get to the shops first as I didn’t shop at all yesterday. Selfless or what?

Walked for just over an hour yesterday and met only two neighbours while out. Brief chat with next door on return and smiled to one of the children.

Spoke on the phone to a rel who lives alone. Husband spoke to London friend, ditto.

Hail in the late afternoon. Slept badly.

Good progress on WIP, at last.

If you would like, Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church have posted up a virtual morning service including music, children’s address and sermon, on their website.

Boiler self regulated, PC hasn’t so it’s still showing yesterday’s time and not BST.





DAISY’S DILEMMA and the earlier novels would not have been written without a lot of things coming together.

Or without the ongoing support of Tunnock’s Teacakes.

For some it’s the bottle. For others chocolate.

Some, I’ve heard rumours, just sit down at a keyboard and write. But I don’t give much credence…

My lovely family know of my weakness and I have a growing collection of artifacts. The most recent was a Christmas pressie from the DH.

China plate Teacake design

China plate Teacake design

Here it is – form an orderly queue, please. It can look like this:


Of course, some people deserve more teacakes than others. There’s my hugely talented cover artist, CK Volnek for one.

Also, I am indebted to my patient editor, JUDY ROTH without whom there would be dangling modifiers galore – oh, and many, many ‘thats’.

And finally, but not least, my publisher Lea Schizas. What a team!

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