Lockdown Diary 114 – 2020 – Slowly

Roped together rocking chairs simulate the treetops for these baby two-toed sloths. Rescued and brought to the Toucan Rescue Ranch, the babies are brought on, slowly, and made ready for release into protected jungle.

Life feels a little like the life of the baby sloth at present. Yesterday, the window cleaners came again. Again, they couldn’t go through this terraced house to reach the back windows – but we’ll get them for you next time. Hmn! anyway, it’s nice to be able to see the sparkle reinstated on the front ones.

Yesterday, too, I phoned a friend – in Australia. Lovely to talk to her and hear how she’s well and so are the family. One of the family is in Melbourne, however, so anxiety hasn’t gone completely.

DH won his croquet match. I finished reading Death on Coffin Lane – that’s a collective noun, by the way. Coffin Lane was a very dangerous address. I’ve reviewed it on my reviews’ page and on amazon kindle.

So, without a jigsaw and no real social life, what next? Well there’s some knitting I might dig out. A sweater that only needs the collar finishing off. It’s green. Bright green. And, as mentioned yesterday, there’s that TBR list.

Where’s your first expedition going to be to? I need the book group book – so maybe Waterstone’s or Toppings for me. Possibly not Costa Rica just yet.