Lockdown – 2020

Garden magnolia

Day one, afternoon. Our magnolia is coming into bloom although not yet as far on as it is in this pic.

Writers have stuff to do always, but as a friend posted on FB earlier, some of us are in a kind of mourning and will need to let the grieving take its time before getting on with life.

My constitutional involved a local walk. Subtle change in the behaviour of other walkers today. Whereas yesterday we all shared half-embarrassed smiles, today several people turned purposefully away. Is this to demonstrate their better awareness of the instructions or just a knee-jerk reaction? Who knows, but I hope we don’t lose our togetherness spirit.

Passed a young man carrying what looked like his newborn baby against his chest.

Great chat with a friend who was gardening. She’s spring-cleaned two rooms. I’ve brought the hoover upstairs. It’s a start…

Downloaded Amanda Grange’s The Six Month Marriage which she is offering free for kindle today.

Buses still running, posties still delivering, binmen still scavenging. Three cheers for you all.

140 words written. Um!