A – Z Challenge Bella



Continuing the A – Z challenge, I cannot go past B without mentioning my lovely BELLA.

Bella’s Betrothal

Chances are, dear reader, you may want to argue and say she should appear on the 9th, under I for Isabella, but I’ve never known her as that. Bella is the first of what will probably be several ‘pet names’. You like them or you don’t. I think many parents go to some lengths to choose a name that cannot be shortened. Pity them as the playground usually finds something worse like ‘carrots’ or ‘fatty’.

Isabella seems to derive from Isabel which may in turn come from Elizabeth and so be of Hebrew derivation. Its meaning is bound up with a promise or vow of God.


Have you a pet name? Did your parents register a long-winded family name that they had already shortened and never used?

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