A – Z Challenge K is for Kylie

KYLIE to a certain generation needs no further identification. That recognition bleeds into earlier and later generations. Kylie is Global.


Why choose her and not, for example, Madonna. Or well who else? There aren’t that many people whose fame is encapsulated by their first name. I suppose I choose her because she is The One for my generation. She was the person who became the brand.

And I’ve enjoyed some of her music. The posturing and antics of some other individuals are far less attractive. I wouldn’t want to spend my time discussing my latest plastic surgery (to date – none) or marriage (to date – one) or Homes (to date – been here for a long time and have no present plans to move).

Because that’s often what achieving Brand status means. It’s not just about the latest book/song/film/policy announcement – your followers want it all.

So while Kylie is instantly recognisable, she’s not off-putting.


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