Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 133 – 19 weeks

Travel plans are modest for most of us this year.

Yesterday, I didn’t leave the house but did make a couple of phone calls to catch up with folk we haven’t been able to see yet. Everything seems to be much as usual and excitement is building among the young who will be starting nursery/school/college soon – if it all works out…

After a television dearth while re-writing and editing the most recent story, I returned to it last night. Death in Paradise continues to entertain.One of the channels I normally watch (wall-to-wall Midsommer Murders) has been moved. May have to write another book.

On that subject, and while I wait to hear about a submission, I found myself in George Square circa 1819 this morning. Ah well. the housework can wait, can’t it?