Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 104 – 90% perspiration

Anyone who thinks writing is the life of Riley, should try it.

Deep into the synopsis – actually it’s an outline – I’m cross-eyed and, well, just cross. All the usual problems: continuity, how many characters is too many, whose bl**dy story is it anyway…

And so on. Writers – you’ve been here. Non-writers – try something else first, anything really.

Some of my friends had fraught days yesterday. It was fairly uneventful chez Novels Now. Much synopsis writing, see above. Some garden organising for work that starts tomorrow. Clearing of utility room, ditto. DH won the scrabble by FIVE points – and he went out!

Sunday is still online at Mayfield Salisbury. Helen Alexander’s reflections and Kate Pearson’s organ music can be found here

Hope it’s calmer where you are and normal service diary-wise may be resumed tomorrow.