Lockdown – 2020 – 7 – Support systems

A small selection of the novels by EWC members past and present.

I did say early on in this excercise that I’d surprise myself if it kept up. I’m being surprised as this is the seventh post.

We’re all grateful to the small shops, the delivery folk, the people enabling the printing of our newspapers, the posties and the many, many others in more often mentioned jobs who keep going and, therefore, keep the community going.

Within that, there are yet others.

Yesterday, my church, Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church, posted a Sunday Service, with children’s address, on the website. My cousin sent me a link to a poetry exchange. My writer’s club, Edinburgh Writers’ Club, some published tomes featured above, is active in online ‘conversations’. People are phoning one another. Remember the telephone?

Pumpherston, a village in West Lothian, is asking folk to put stuffed teddies in their windows so the village children can spot them and thus be encouraged to take a walk for exoercise.

Whatever contribution you can make – do it. It may be small, but it may also be just what someone needs.

On the grand scale, today sees the launch of Scotland Cares. Widely reported, it might allow you to volunteer. Details are here

I did walk yesterday. I have the means to make soup today, butternut squash from the WI book of soup recipes. The sun is shining.

I see my friend, Jo Allen, is enjoying great sales with her DI Satterthwaite books. The most recent is Death At Eden’s End.

Till tomorrow,