Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 135 – The Storm Arrives

A strong wind and driving rain kept most of us indoors yesterday. Reminding, if reminding is needed, what it feels like to be locked-down. Measures have just been re-introduced in Aberdeen.

DH made some phone calls with startling results in at least one case where a ‘hidden’ heart attack was reported. Adult children have returned home from their extended stays in the countryside. He wisely cancelled a planned croquet match.

We had a Zoom clash last night, but resolved it when DH downloaded the app to his phone. Do I even understand what that means? Not necessarily, but it was good to be able to join in my Book Group chat. If our present way of living continues, I need to buy another camera. Installing said camera would necessitate tidying my study…

Shopped locally at Mathieson’s where the chaps are very smart in ‘uniform’ black shirts and striped navy/white aprons.

We don’t have any direct association with any teens who received results yesterday. I do feel for all these youngsters and their parents.

Local church opens tonight for 5-minute peace. Does one dare?