Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 45 – PC woes

A small selection of the novels by EWC members past and present.

Courting the Countess – Anne

I did finally manage to turn the remaining calendar to May yesterday.

So, the major woe is not mine but of a self-isolating/shielding friend whose laptop has given up the ghost. She’s hoping her regular expert will be able to sort things out over the air, but is meantime bereft. The prospect of trying to lead life in these days without an internet connection is truly a waking nightmare.

My own woe is minor in comparison – sticky keys keeps sliding on. Adjusting it in settings restores the letters to functionality but not keyboard scrolling. Ah well, the WIP will be very well considered.

Will have news of not ONE but TWO new books from fellow scribes in the next few days. Mesdames Stewart and Stormont have been featured on Novels Now before. It’s an honour to be able to mention them again.

Yesterday was a shopping day. Brought in a couple of things for a neighbour. Scrabble. More 2nd honeymoon – in Gargonza this time. Made a mushroom risotto – may have got the hang of that now (as opposed to savoury rice which we’ve eaten for decades). Watched the workmen working in the heat. Made virtually no progress on the jigsaw.

Anything broken down in your house?