Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 35 – Visitors

Regular readers of this blog will possibly remember this young visitor from around a year ago. We’d not had one before and we haven’t had one since. Yesterday the bird feeder was thronged when an almighty panic set in.

“Come this way and look at what we have here,” said the DH. And what we have here was a magnificent, if predatory, visitor perched on the railings. Probably a male sparrowhawk dropping in from the large cemetery nearby. Possibly a kestrel? Even at such close quarters, it was hard to tell the actual colours. The garden birds are still missing this morning.

We did have a sparrowhawk decades ago. It brought its lunch, pigeon, to feast on the roof of next door’s shed much to the fascinated horror of the family. Two weeks ago there were feathers scattered over the garden path. I suppose they’ve all got families to feed.

The heatwave continues. DH won the scrabble by 2 points. There were recounts. Walked to the nearest big store yesterday to buy the items, not many, I can’t get locally. Finished the book group book. Slow progress on jigsaw. Full of admiration for all the folks doing a 2.6 something to help the charities losing out as there’s no London Marathon.