Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 88 – Bubbling through

On the Boil

Lots of bubbles here as the marmalade comes ‘through’ the boil. So looking forward to forming our own. Also delighted that some of those ‘shielding’ may now walk out and get some real fresh air. It has been a long haul.

I saw on FB this morning a reference to International Picnic Day. Checking this out I discover that there is a calendar and you can see it here

Writers may find this useful.

Today is Martini Day. Are you a shaken or stirred sort? Yesterday was Picnic Day and the Royal Museum of Scotland was displaying Bonnie Prince Charlie’s travelling picnic set. Most of it, knife, fork, spoon, recognisable. Some of it, marrow scoop, less so.


I finished the jigsaw.

I attended a streamed funeral. I joined some family over the airwaves while we completed a wooden jigsaw – fewer pieces than above, but quite tricky, too. I went to a book group on zoom. I made great progress with the ARC. I also progressed the WIP.

Some days, even in Lockdown, are more rewarding than others.