Lockdown – 2020 – Acetate Film for Face Masks – rain – 3

Starting today by repeating the plea from some talented Glasgow hospital technicians who have devised a face mask they can make for their colleagues to wear. They need sheets of A4 acetate film. Details are in this Radio Clyde item by Linsey Hanna. There’s also a report in today’s Scotsman newspaper.It’s wet in Edinburgh. There isn’t any rain in this picture, but given the volume of water behind me, there must have been at one time or another. And frankly, when I can see so much rain through the window, why would I want to replicate it on the blog?

Will the rain further reduce footfall on the streets? Our observation of the bird feeder is that it’s busier during rain than at other times.

Yesterday evening saw the DH and his friends engaged in their usual bridge group, but online. A few hiccups getting started, but they’re all bright blokes and soon had the glitches under control. Who knew?

Elsewhere, the phone is ringing. It’s a revelation. We’ve all largely moved to e-mail communication and forgotten how nice it is to hear a friend’s voice over the wires.

On the writing front – the WIP is in a bit of a muddle. I’ve set it to one side and am working on a short sotry idea I’ve been nurturing for a bit. That was going well by bedtime. We’ll see. Maybe a few shorts would ‘prime the pump’.

How are the rest of you doing? WIPs in good fettle or too many distractions dealing with necessary changes? I know some people have taken in vulnerable relatives meantime. That will bring enormouse challenges.


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