Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 82 – Shopping

Prickly dress suitable for Bridezilla

I think this dress is displayed in a museum in Manchester – but I could be wrong. It was striking in its own way although I cannot imagine trying it on far less wearing it.

Shopping was on my mind yesterday morning as I ran a wash of some very tired looking underwear. Next up will be some very tired looking tee-shirts. Am I looking forward to the distanced shopping experience possibly coming to a High Street near you? YES!

Okay – we all have our moments.

Yesterday was the fish van. The fishmonger reports new customers as people working from home listen out for his horn. WIP made excellent progress including the writing of a love scene. They’re not my forte – I’m a Georgette Heyer sort of girl – but I rather liked this one. Hope the ed will, in due course, agree. Met book group pal on the way to buy potatoes and had a long chat. We’re both missing the family – nothing like a common interest to cement the bonds. Travelled to Madrid which has a lot of great public buildings and Cornwall which has a lot of very lovely spring-flowering trees and shrubs. DH lost at bridge.

Have you listened to Adventures With the Painted People yet? BBC Sounds, drama on 3?



Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 56 – Eight Weeks is Two months

The seasons are rolling round and many more people than usual are taking to their bikes. Gardens are currently displaying  lilacs in full bloom. We have this pretty pink one.

But there are innumerable shades of, well, lilac. Two different ones are visible in neighbouring back gardens and the garden on the corner always has a lovely white one blooming close to their vibrant yellow laburnam. We had one of those but it was blown over in a spring gale.

Like many others, we had notice last week of yet more cancellations. Finding the confidence to do any of these things when life starts up again might be a challenge.

Yesterday, saw the 3rd trip of lockdown to the local BIG supermarket. Necessary for the few, very few, things I can’t get in local shops, the wait to get into the shop took twice as long as last time. However, I walked straight up to a till when I’d been round. Also, some of the family were shopping there, too. Unexpected in the city and so joyful. I suppose those of you living in smaller places have more hope of a chance encounter.

Armchair travellers were in Orkney yesterday. Without the cruise ship buses, Skara Brae was an up-close experience then.

I discovered this website yesterday when their twitter arm approached my twitter arm (What? Ed) It’s about shopping local which, as you know, I’m in favour of. Localburgh

Later in the week, should you fancy a beer, why not try out The Beer Cave. Their list for delivery, some wines, too, goes up usually on FB on Thursday morning. DH is enjoying.

Off out to the local butcher where I hope the gannets will have left some chicken for me to buy. What’s the highlight of your day, today?



Lockdown – 2020 – 7 – Support systems

A small selection of the novels by EWC members past and present.

I did say early on in this excercise that I’d surprise myself if it kept up. I’m being surprised as this is the seventh post.

We’re all grateful to the small shops, the delivery folk, the people enabling the printing of our newspapers, the posties and the many, many others in more often mentioned jobs who keep going and, therefore, keep the community going.

Within that, there are yet others.

Yesterday, my church, Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church, posted a Sunday Service, with children’s address, on the website. My cousin sent me a link to a poetry exchange. My writer’s club, Edinburgh Writers’ Club, some published tomes featured above, is active in online ‘conversations’. People are phoning one another. Remember the telephone?

Pumpherston, a village in West Lothian, is asking folk to put stuffed teddies in their windows so the village children can spot them and thus be encouraged to take a walk for exoercise.

Whatever contribution you can make – do it. It may be small, but it may also be just what someone needs.

On the grand scale, today sees the launch of Scotland Cares. Widely reported, it might allow you to volunteer. Details are here

I did walk yesterday. I have the means to make soup today, butternut squash from the WI book of soup recipes. The sun is shining.

I see my friend, Jo Allen, is enjoying great sales with her DI Satterthwaite books. The most recent is Death At Eden’s End.

Till tomorrow,