Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 86 – Still Connecting

Exhausted Footwear

As the days pass and chinks of light appear down the tunnel, I’m meeting more and different neighbours while out on my necessary ploys.

Yesterday, I added a neighbour whose serious health issues have seen her at home for near enough 6 months and another who’s just been staying close (retired doctor), with his dog. At the same time one has to keep remembering the others. There are loads of people who are advised not to risk venturing out and we need to keep up our connection with them while our own horizons are expanding.

I was touched to be contacted by one of the folk I’ve been phoning as she wanted to know how my recovery from the dratted bee sting was progressing. Doing well is the answer, but I’m still checking and shaking anything I might be going to wear.

Project Emptying the Freezer is going well. Helped by the haar, curiously, because it doesn’t seem too weird to be making soup in June. Several organisations are planning AGMs digitally and I need to read the papers to see how I can contribute. Project family birthday coming up. Have card, goody bag items and dinner organised. Phew! Things that were once simple need so much advance organisation.