Diary of a Writer – What’s New?

What’s New in the Diary world? Been quite a busy week in fact and it’s still only Thursday.

Ate out last night in Martin Wishart at The Shore in Edinburgh. Partly funded by a generous Christmas voucher, we enjoyed the fish menu and shared a bottle of white French wine. It’s good for a writer to see how the top 10% lives from time to time. There may be a short Theatre in Restaurants blog over on Write, Watch & Critique plays soon, but on the other hand it’s a busy week.

What you will find over there, scroll down, is my view of I Am Thomas, the play about the final person executed for blasphemy in Scotland, Thomas Aitkenhead. Play is on this week in Inverness and then in London.

Have also been writing a resumé of why I think competition entries fail. I’ll be offering a short Q&A session at Edinburgh Writers’ Meeting on Monday evening following the adjudication of our short story competition by Rosemary Gemmell. Having acted as a Reader and occasional judge of short story competitions for many years, I’ve formed a few opinions.

100_5920And the Work in Progress? Okay, it’s slipped a bit. Romantic Novelists’ Association duties have been around, too. However, did put down a love scene yesterday. Goodness, I find them hard to write. How do you manage?

And the A-Z bloggers. Haven’t had much chance to pursue them this week, but my Edinburgh pal, Shelli Rosewarne continues to inform and entertain with her wonderful series of posts about wolves. So she’s here.

And how is your own week? Are you canvassing – elections 5th May. Are you writing? Are you re-charging the batteries? Are you, like me, also still waiting?