Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 73 – A world elsewhere

An earlier RNA Goody Bag

We all have the things we really, really want to get back to. Whether it be outdoors like croquet or indoors like socialising with other writers in person, there will be something.

I was invited to join DH and his sailing friends for another Zooming slide-show last night. This time we were north and seeing stunning photographs from Finland, Norway and Sweden. The sailors are all a bit glum as sailing needs landing places and those don’t look to be opening up anytime soon.

Managed a little shopping although the bee sting is reaching, I hope, its climactic hours. There are downsides to being a redhead – didn’t you know?

Scottish country dancing friend circulated a wonderful Stanley Baxter u-tube short yesterday about how naughty it can be. (Or maybe that’s just Mr Baxter’s take on it.) Don’t see dancing with partners returning anytime soon either.

This is supposed to cheer you all up by focussing on the small positives so I’ll add that I met a neighbour I haven’t seen in the whole period. He and his all well and the reason we haven’t seen them is that the family have been doing all their shopping. So, many people looking out for others, is a real positive.



Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 53 – Book News 2

The second book launch of the week is FULFILMENT by Anne Stormont Fulfilment completes Anne’s trilogy of novels about Rachel and Jack. On her own blog she says:

If you like mature, emotional and thought-provoking contemporary romance in a dramatic setting, then this is a book for you.

Couldn’t agree more and congratulations from Novels Now to Anne for a sterling achievement.

Here in Lockdown, we had a great evening with the DH’s sailing pals – BYOB. Two slide shows of fabulous Scottish scenery and dolphins – often taken from the boat. I love islands and can get to them without disgracing myself, in single numbers. An extended trip, however, is not for me. Being the sort of person who knows they’re standing on a pontoon because of an overpowering feeling of seasickness, I’d be useless in a storm. So, it was lovely to be included with the gang and to meet some of the folk the DH has been hanging out with for years.

Rang a friend’s door bell as was passing and chatted on my doorstep to a friend. Thinking about the Round Robin post which might be scheduled for tomorrow. Awaiting advice. Editing is the subject. Jigsaw down to the last 20-30 difficult pieces.