A – Z Challenge F is for Fitzwilliam Who Else?

Fitzwilliam Darcy.Beautifully portrayed to my admiring eye by actor Firth, Colin, Fitzwilliam was one of the few first names I came up with when the alphabet rolled round to F.

Fitz, means a son or a male descendant and was often added in front of the surnames of Royal by-blows. There are more of them in some generations than others. Roger Powell writes about them in his book Royal Bastards.

Why, one must wonder, did Jane Austen choose to give her proud and arrogant hero such dubious lineage? It’s not just Fitz either because William the Conqueror, although not the first William, was born out of wedlock. So Jane’s wonderful hero is doubly doubtful.

Makes him more interesting if you think about that sort of thing. Anyone got an idea why Jane chose this name?

Currently deep in edits for upcoming Daisy’s Dilemma. One thing I’m addressing is the addition of two names from a fundraising sale at St John’s Church Edinburgh. No, I’m not saying – but you’ll enjoy trying to find them, won’t you?


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