Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 111 – Gathering Pace

Almost MIA, however, I have been around in the background attending the RNA virtual conference yesterday and today the Scottish Chapter’s virtual celebration of Historicals.

The chat, readings, excerpts and special appearance of Twinkle, Emily Royal’s snake and rather unusual necklet, all made today a very warm and cheerful celebration. Thanks are due to our chapter organiser Rosemary Gemmell and our zoom chat admin, Mairibeth Macmillan. Mild  frustration caused by FB preventing some people posting!

The conference, mentioned yesterday, went well and some attendees came along to help the Scots today.

Also, afternoon tea with delicious cheese scones in a friend’s garden. The critical timetables of the bus company have been reviewed and the other local bus will run from tomorrow. The freezer is empty, defrosted, washed out and dried and will go back on tomorrow. Phew!

It’s Sunday, and Mayfield Salisbury are here for you.



Another Reading Challenge

Passages to the Past is running a reading challenge for Historicals.


I failed miserably last year, but I’m having another go. Aiming low, Victorian Reader – five books. I’ve already read one, Marguerite Kaye’s Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah, and reviewed it here.

Wish me luck. What are you reading?

I’ve got loads of new publications to look forward to:

Gill-Marie Stewart – Music and Lies

Rosemary Gemmell – The Highland Lass

Tony Shephard – The Namestone

Bill Daly – Double Mortice

And of course, my very own DAISY’S DILEMMA which picks up the story of Lady Daisy from Mariah’s Marriage. Edits will soon be underway. The cover art is in process. Excitement is high in Stenhouse Towers.

Maytime Blog Tour: MARIAH’S MARRIAGE

MARIAH’S MARRIAGE launched on 3rd May and has already collected TWO five star reviews on Amazon. Accolade for Mariah's Marriage at RNA summer party??????????????????????I’m touring blogs through May and into June telling the world of readers and writers all about her. How did she come about? What matters to her? Why did I want her to be a teacher – as if I had a choice. Here’s the timetable. I hope you’ll be able to drop by and leave a comment for me, Mariah or our hosts.

20th – that’s today – I’m with RNA associate, Lin Treadgold.


21st – that’s tomorrow – I’m sharing a Dear Reader letter on my publisher’s blog. MuseItUp are here:


23rd – that’s a Thursday – I’m talking about dancing and its effect on young hearts at Rosemary Gemmell’s Reading and Writing blog. that’s here:


31st – that’s Friday of next week – I’m guesting with Cheryl and answering a few of her perceptive questions. Link to follow.


Thanks to my multi-talented friend, Rosemary Gemmell for passing on the Reality Blog Award seen above. Rosemary has more than one blog, but the award comes from her Reading and Writing site, here:


The rules are simple. I needed to acknowledge the person making the award, above, and to answer four Reality Blog Award questions, before passing it on.

1.) If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I would allow everyone ready access to clean water. That would take the lives of so many women and girls out of the toil and fear caused by long forays to find it. It would prevent many needless deaths from the water-borne bugs in dirty supplies. It might head off comig confrontations over supplies.

2.) If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

Tricky question. Does it mean in the light of what you know now, or taking it afresh as you did when passing through? Each decade has had its challenges and high spots. I think I’ll stick with normal progress.

3.) What thing really scares you?

Mob thinking.

4.) If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

That’s easy. Someone whose shape and weight allows them to buy and wear elegant clothes without having to curb their enthusiasm for cheese!

I nominate:

Anita Chapman

Samantha Darling