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Some blog owners very generously offer the chance to publicise on their blog. Rose Anderson and Exquisite Quills is one such. Today for example Exquisite Quills asks for a 2-3 line snippet and a buy link. I’ve put up this for Bella’s Betrothal:


Charles Lindsay released her mouth slowly, and she was fascinated by the clouding of his eyes as he opened them and stared into hers. Anger melted into the moment.
The peace, however, did not last long enough for any treaty negotiations to begin.
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Mariah’s Marriage has its own warm moments. Here’s one from the evening Mariah’s plans go a little astray:

A cold frisson of fear touched her heart. The earl had engineered her presence in the garden without any kind of escort and with none of his relatives to give them countenance.

          ‘You have tricked me, sir,’ she said.

          ‘My beautiful girl, of course I have,’ he said as he pulled her into his embrace and kissed her.

Tickle your fancy? Daisy’s Dilemma is coming soon and carries forward the story of Lady Daisy from Mariah’s Marriage. Watch this space for early notice of her beautiful cover from CK Volnek.


Blog Hopping – Today’s ‘Leaving Cards’

Outward Looking

Outward Looking

Visiting cards were the system that oiled a person’s movements around society. You left cards at houses where you were known and would be welcome and also at houses where you wished to be known and perhaps, weren’t quite so sure of a welcome.

I’ve just finished reading Anne De Courcy’s wonderful book about the British Raj, The Fishing Fleet. Well into the twentieth century, a person did not exist until they’d left cards letting the residents know they’d arrived in the area or returned to it. In today’s Establishment world, perhaps only Ambassadors carry on the tradition by presenting their Letters of Credit, identifying them in a foreign state.

However, the blogger and writer making headway in this electronic world we inhabit, also needs to present their credentials or leave their visiting card on other blogs.

Novels Now has been welcomed recently onto several blogs where the holder makes opportunities available. Often a free copy of one’s novel acts as a calling card.

At the head of this post is the flyer for the upcoming month of celebration marking The Romance Review’s 3rd anniversary. Novels Now will be there with a question on 7th March. And the calling card? A copy of Mariah’s Marriage for one lucky person.

This week, we accepted the invitation to leave an extract of Bella’s Betrothal on Ella Quinn’s blog.

Over the weekend, there was the chance to leave a shorter excerpt on Exquisite Quills

Exquisite Quills have other opportunities, too, like First Kiss Wednesday and Set the Scene in Six. Hosted by Rose Anderson and Jane Leopold Quinn.

Earlier this year, there was the Burns’ Night Blog Hop which resulted in a lot of visitors to Novels Now and a new reader who posted a lovely review.

Lyndsay Townsend, historical novelist, manages several websites where writers may leave cover details, make blog posts etc. Check out British romance fiction, Historical Excerpts etc.

It’s First Kiss Wednesday over on Exquisite Quills, but just for you dear reader, here’s Bella’s first kiss.

Bella's Betrothal

Bella’s Betrothal

Bella’s Betrothal by Anne Stenhouse published by MuseItUp, Canada
“Get out, Mr. Lindsay, before I scream so loudly everyone in this…”
Before Bella could finish, Lindsay reached for her and drew her up out of the chair, hard against the long muscles of his legs. His arms encircled her and the flickering light was extinguished as his head came down. With a restraining hand in her voluminous curls, he held her while his mouth covered hers. The kiss was pitiless, and Bella, who had never been so insulted despite what the scandal sheets said, was stunned. She did not struggle or respond, but squirmed in exquisite discomfort when Lindsay’s other hand found the curve of her buttock and lifted her into the apex of his thighs. She felt hard pressure against her abdomen and realised exactly how vulnerable she was. Drenching fear gave way to fury. When Lindsay released her, she would grab the fire-irons again and she would kill him.
There was a knock on the door. Mariah’s Marriage US Mariah’s Marriage UK Bella’s Betrothal US Bella’s Betrothal UK