Lockdown – 2020 – 11 – Restlessness

Another picture from the Crete trip and one that’s typical for an island – boats in waiting: the world is out there and here’s how we get to it.

Only not at this moment. At this moment we do still have to keep on staying at home. Our ambitions need to be more arty

than party

Exhausted Footwear

It’s not easy, is it? I read of the death of a member of my congregation in the local paper this morning. It’ll be such a quiet funeral. People have new grandchildren. People are hospitalised for issues unrelated to COVID 19, but we must have faith in the policy we’ve adopted. We must stay at home.

No Hello Fresh yesterday because of soaring demand. Three cheers for my freezer. The HF should come today.

I won at scrabble. Picked up the J, X and Z in one turn, having already had the Q. We need to find a wee bag as turning the letters into the box from the grid is not sufficient shuffling.

Progress on the WIP. A walk after supper.

Fellow Capital Writer, JANE RIDDELL, has a blog tour ongoing. The Book is Chergui’s Child and today the tour arrives at Scrupulous Dreams blogspot here

Drop by and read about Jane’s moving work of women’s fiction.

How are your itchy feet? Are you coping and could your coping mechanisms help the rest of us? Do share them in the comments, please.