Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 84 – What Now?

My camera strap appears in countless photographs across the years. Why a camera strap? We finished the armchair travelling yesterday. The very last of the slides was shown and it couldn’t have been better chosen: a grandchild, sweets in hand in the conservatory of the little house we rented in Assynt and surrounded by board games, a jigsaw, the bird book…

DH has of course continued to take photographs, but they go digital from then and we’re saving the next fifteen years worth for either the winter or the next lockdown.

The next lockdown? Anyone else think we could be behaving in ways more designed to stop the spread of a pandemic?

So, the positives – good walk when I saw wonderful purple clematis, a neighbour or two and hordes of cyclists. Made real progress on the jigsaw. Made leek and potato soup (in June? ed). Got the WIP to the last 4000 words. Now have ideas which might take it into saga territory. (No! ED) Enjoyed Elizabeth Hawksley‘s blog post about Sprig Muslin so hunted for it in the depths of the bookcase and FOUND IT. Next up on the GH readathon when I finish Cotillion. Elizabeth’s great blog can be found here

DH preparing for his recycling adventure. Will the house seem empty?