Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 46 – Hindsight will be wonderful

There are so many things in life that we do not understand. Some, like these spheres photographed in Costa Rica are highly visible. Some, like the actual virus now devastating the world, are non-visible – to the naked eye.

Political leaders must be agonising over whether ‘the time is right’ and whether ‘the time will ever be right’ to ease lockdown measures. I don’t know the answer and have only emotional input to offer in any discussion. Let’s hope and pray that the hindsight doesn’t have to be too critical of the decisions that were taken and why.

On an emotional note, we had a great Zoom quiz with all the offspring last night. Precious moments. I hope there are many in your lives, too.

World travel took us to Harris, Paris and India. All without jetlag or the need to queue. Highly recommended. Progress on both the jigsaw and the WIP. Received in the post a photobook of a trip to Orkney DH and I made last year. Fabulous! Postie reports business is comparable to Christmas.



Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 24 – Walking out

Having not been in this type of lockdown before, it was always going to be interesting what one might miss. I’m missing my Scottish Country Dancing.

However, I am enjoying walking out while there is so little traffic. Went out after supper last night. Sadly, encountered an ambulance waiting outside a local house. This morning, another, outside a local care home.

Was able to do a wee job for an isolating neighbour and buy supplies for a friend who’s not going into shops.

E-mailed some friends who live abroad and heard back from one this morning. Wonders of the electronic world. Downloaded the book group book and started reading it.

Heard from an editor and have made a sale. More about that when dates are clearer. The editor was keen to know what colour the heroine’s hair was. Why do I find this so hard: describing my heroines? Bella, peeping below the shoe in the pic, was a vibrant redhead and somehow that was a part of the story.

DH played bridge again online. Tonight we’re participating in a quiz! Late to the party here as our offspring have done many since the lockdown started.