A – Z challenge Q is for Quarraalia


Quarraalia is an Australian aboriginal name and means a star.

How many people with this name do I know? Well, from my one visit to Australia, none. Finding names beginning with Q wasn’t too difficult, but finding names of people I know or characters I have encountered was much more difficult. It’s not an initial letter much used for names that depend on the English or Gaelic languages.

I jumped in with Quintus – fifth child. I did study Latin at school. I may know someone called Quentin although I’m not putting any money on it. I think JK Rowling named that cat with a Q, but it’s a long time since I read the books and two mins on google prove me so wrong, it’s embarrassing.

Then I wondered about Queenie. Comfortably cockney and sort of fifties. Again I could not produce one known to me. So I thought it might be time to look at other cultures.

There are lots of boys names and some girls names starting with Q when you travel east of the UK, which is where I am. Again, I recognise many, but don’t know anyone personally or fictionally. Having come to that conclusion, I thought I might just pick one that appealed to me and here she is – Quarraalia – many variations of spelling are available but all the sites I looked at say the meaning is Star. Sounds good, bright, sparkly and full of promise.

Are there wonderful people called Q??? in your life? who are they?


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