Lockdown Diary -2020 – 44 – Work underway

Stage set Prelude and Fugue Theatre Broad

In the absence of real theatre, the work underway in the street is full of interest. Landscape gardening and essential works are attracting far more, and closer, attention than might otherwise have been the case. Candleford are we.

Bumped into a former neighbour, going/coming around a corner, yesterday on my walk. Could not remember his name and am still baffled. DH couldn’t remember him in the sequence of ownership…

Slides took us on a second honeymoon. Venice and Florence looking truly wonderful and without that indefinable aroma of canal. Completed the jigsaw edges. 1000 is more than double 500, in my view. Had a lovely family phone call which indicated that even the 2-year-olds have had enough of the new normal.

Was pleased to hear a small parcel I sent had been received. Three cheers for the Royal Mail and the other delivery services keeping us connected.