In the shops from Thursday 28th October, the tale of Tabby Royce and her man, Cal Morrison, is set in early nineteenth century Edinburgh. Tabby has trained as an apothecary under her papa, but when he dies, her older brother and his wife take possession of his shop and Tabby is forced into domestic service.

Arriving in Edinburgh with her new mistress, she soon finds her skills appreciated by both that lady’s host and his steward. How can she continue in her work as a woman excluded from anatomy lectures? How can she make Cal see life holds more than work?

Travel with Tabby through the violent reactions to early anatomy work …


Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 26 – Chatting with friends

These aren’t the actual friends I was chatting with, but in more ordinary times, they might have been. This was taken at last year’s RNA conference in Lancaster and features three of the Capital Writers. Here’s No 4

During Lockdown:

Kate Blackadder has published a new anthology of short stories,

Still Rocking

Jo Allen has shared the cover for her third DI Satterthwaite book,

Death on Coffin Lane which is available to pre-order.

Jane is offering her

Things We Choose To Hide, free until Wed April 22nd.

As reported earlier, I have accepted an offer for a short novel from My Weekly, title and dates to follow.

We’ve had much to discuss electronically, if not in person. I hope you’re all finding people to talk with and things other than the virus to discuss.

I hope by the time this post goes live, the glitches marring yesterday’s RR will have been resolved. My apologies, but I don’t know why some of the posts aren’t showing as they should.

Friday saw the above mentioned chatting with friends on Whereby – worked really well. I made an Eve’s pudding and remembered to sprinkle sliced almonds on the top. Yay! I took a lucky dip bag of books to a friend deprived of her local library at present. I cannot find any Bran Flakes – do not send toilet rolls, thank you.