Diary of a Writer- Tuesday is #tuesnews@rnatweets day


#tuesnews@rnatweets day on twitter is always a bit exciting, a bit frenzied, a bit frustrating.

Why so?

Exciting because you pick up bits of news about fellow Romantic Novelists’ Association members. Who’s got a new book out, new (grand)child, new toy-boy (no. Made that up), new interest… and it does increase your reach. It takes your tweet to many people and from them there will be extra blog visitors, possibly sales, certainly the occasional new online friend.

A bit frenzied because there’s a lot of toiing and froing trying to find all the home sites and work out which tweet is the one most wanted.

A bit frustrating because not everyone has got the hang of the ‘pinned tweet’ button and it can take a wee while wading through all the lovely re-tweets they’ve offered before finding the one they want re-tweeted. (Don’t worry if you’re not a twitter user – it won’t change your life)

Guide to Pinning tweets For those who are users – make the tweet and post – go into your tweets from the button below your profile pic, called, simply, tweets – click on the three horizontal dots below your selected tweet – select pin to profile page from the drop down menu that appears and finally select the pin button.

All done and the next time you want to pin a post it automatically takes that one down. If you want no pinned post remove by clicking on the three dots again and selecting ‘unpin’.

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